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        Welcome to the official website of Changzhou Guorui Tools Co., Ltd.!

        Changzhou Guorui Tools Co., Ltd.

        --Specializing in precision tool production and precision machining





        The country raises the export tax rebate standard for cemented carbide tools and increases support

        Time: 2020-12-01

        The production of cemented carbide cutting tools is the future development direction of my country's cutting tool industry. The continuous improvement of export tax rebate standards shows to a certain extent the country's support for cemented carbide cutting tools.

        my country's tool production mainly includes high-speed steel tools and cemented carbide tools. Because the production of high-speed steel tools consumes a lot of resources, and the products are low-grade and low-priced, the industry does not encourage this. However, due to the needs of the domestic machinery manufacturing industry and the technological transformation of domestic tool companies, most domestic tool companies still focus on the production of such tools, and the export volume is also large.

        Last year, the export of Chinese knives was US$800 million, most of which were made of high-speed steel, while carbide knives were only tens of millions of yuan. The export structure of this product is also a factor leading to international trade frictions. Although developed countries such as the United States and Germany have not yet had any obvious reaction to our knives, there have been boycotts in Spain and some countries in South America.

        In several adjustments to the export tax rebate policy this year, the export tax rebate rate for products such as cemented carbide tools has been increased from 5% to 11%. For companies, the significance is more than simply increasing profits. With the support of the country and the confidence of the enterprise, it is believed that cutting tools will be more competitive in the international market in the future.

        (Source: Global Hardware Network)

        Changzhou Guorui Tools Co., Ltd.

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